Architect Lorenza Golinelli

Architect, partner founder of the I-dea Srl Company is now President and Technical Executive Manager.

She was born in Imola (where she is still living in) and has been working as freelance professional since 1993.

Her activity ranges from different architectural fields to lighting design, from the small to the big scale always applying a planning method that tends to increase in value ideas, spaces and existing forms intended as point of departure for developing an idea. Her planning takes into consideration the context where it arises, in order to find out its answer.

The main working activity takes place during the architectural planning, the objects and lighting design. She uses her professionalism crosswise society by embracing the concept of energy-saving that involves both architecture and plants.

Partner founder and Executive Manager Council Member LIGHT IS (Professional Eco-light Association): a professional association that uses its own human and intellectual resources in order to follow cultural, educational, scientific and public utility purposes and promotes the expert in lighting as instrument to pursue ideals of an environmentally friendly and people oriented lighting.

She earned a Master in “Applied Lighting technique Exteriors under the application of the regional Law of Emilia Romagna 19/2003 and successive rule” organized by Cielo Buio, whose owners are landscape, planner and keeper architects of the city of Rimini, members of the Association of Engineers of the district of Rimini, qualified industrial experts association of the district of Rimini – Rimini October and December 2006.

She is associate ADI (Association for the industrial Design) and Management Member and ADI Emilia Romagna and thematic commission “Exhibition Design for ADI Index” in Milan.

She is partner of  APIL Association (Lighting Professional Association).

She is partner of  AIDI Association (Lighting Italian Association).

She published several writings about her graduation thesis and researches concerning historical monuments and lighting.

She attended refresher courses and Masters about Preservation and Restoration of cultural and architectural assets, bio- achitecture, building site safety and Lighting technique.

She represented I-dea Company in several conferences and lessons regarding energy planning and lighting design.

She gained 24 years of experience among different fields of employment starting from architecture up to plants. That has allowed her to perfect the management of the different responsibilities and skills in planning fields.

Main works are:

  • in design area

Lighting bodies made for famous brands as Philips and Neri S.p.A., interior design planned for private houses, exhibition plans for shows and Booths at CERSAIE Exhibition.

  • in architecture area

Restoration and renovation of public and private buildings, new buildings of private houses and wine factories for famous and important clients such as Gresini Racing, Con.Ami, Bryo spa, Municipal District of San Lazzaro di Savena, Cantine Merlotta (Wineries).

  • in lighting area

Significance works and census of the lighting plants in Messina (Sicily), 7 districts in Abruzzo (South Italy) participant to Paride. Plan and Project for the energy lighting plants re-qualification in some different districts such as Prato (in Tuscany), Lecce, Venosa (Potenza), Macerata, Terracina (Latina), Bentivoglio (Bologna), Vignola (Modena), for 13 Districts of the Consortium BIM Taloro in Sardinia, Quartu sant’Elena, Olbia, Crema (Crema), Copparo (Ferrara), for other 7 Districts in Abruzzo for the Paride Project of the District of Teramo, Castenaso (Bologna), Gardone val Trompia (Brescia), Cesano Maderno (Monza), Torre de Passeri (Chieti).


Editing and planning works: PAES Montedinove (Ascoli Piceno) and PRIC Casola Valsenio (Ravenna), Poggio Rusco (Verona), PRIC for 7 Districts in Sardinia (that belong to the Consortium BIM Taloro), PRIC Olbia, PRIC Tarzo (Teviso), PRIC Vignola (Modena), PRIC Montemonaco (Ascoli Piceno), PRIC Grottazzolina (Fermo).


Planning works for scenographic and monumental lighting for the city of Prato (Firenze), Lecce, Venosa (Potenza), Macerata, Osilo (Sassari), Castenaso (Bologna), Crema (Bologna), Pieve di Cento (Bologna)..