APIL is an Association of Professionals in lighting

It has been founded in 1998 for initiative of a group of professionals active throughout the country, integrated in their respective Professional Association.
APIL works alongside other associations present on the national and European territory and c-operates with them mutual development programs and promotion of the lighting design culture.
APIL is open to professionals who are active in several areas:Project and town and country planning for the public lighting in outdoor environments;

  • light schemes;
  • lighting project for all of the civil, indoor and outdoor environments,
  • consultations to institutions, Companies and firms in order to analyse and study materials, devices, instruments, components, communication systems in order to test and verify sizes and conformities in accordance with the regulations standards.

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ADI Association for Industrial Design

Since 1956, ADI has brought together designers, businesses, researchers, teachers, critics and journalists about design themes: design, consumption, recycling, training. It is the protagonist of the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.
Its purpose is to promote and contribute to the non-profit making of the most appropriate conditions for the design of goods and services through cultural debate, intervention at institutions and the provision of services.

For ADI, design is culturally aware design, the interface between the individual and collective demand of the company and the supply of producers.
It intervenes in the design of products, services, visual communication, packaging, interior design, and environmental design.
Design is a system that connects production with users through research, innovation and engineering to give functionality, social value, and cultural significance to goods and services distributed on the market.

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AIDI Italian Lighting Association

AIDI, since its foundation in 1959, carries out a constant action of scientific, technical and cultural information for the dissemination of knowledge on issues related to lighting and has as its main “mission” to disseminate and promote the “culture of light”.


In fact, today light is increasingly the protagonist of new urban environments and landscapes and has become an element of identity and space differentiation. This unprecedented revolution therefore makes an extended and widespread diffusion of the culture of light to achieve “quality lighting” that is mainly expressed in terms of correct design and use of the best products to achieve it to obtain social and economic benefits that new technologies offer in terms of reducing energy consumption, safety and well-being of people.


This is why AIDI’s main purpose is to spread knowledge of all aspects related to lighting and the promotion of study and research, to help foster the development of innovation and new technologies. Present on the national territory with different Territorial Sections that have the purpose of favoring the affirmation of the concept of quality and the enhancement of one’s own region through the culture of light, the Association has always witnessed, from its constitution, history and image of its associates who represent all the main protagonists of the entire lighting sector: companies, architects, engineers, lighting designers, utilities, teachers and light lovers who, with their commitment and intelligence, contribute to the development and growth of ‘Association.


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LIGHT IS Professional Ecolight Association

LIGHT IS is a cultural association of professionals who work in the field of light and who are united by some inspiring principles for sustainable lighting both in Italy and in Europe.

The non-profit association aims to encourage the research, dissemination and dissemination of culture in the lighting sector, supporting and promoting the figure of the light designer, as the subscriber of the Light Ethics Charter.

Light-is inspired by the ethical principles of the lighting profession, promoting in all its forms values ​​such as: light quality, environmental respect, energy saving, protection of living species, man and his safety by not losing given the enhancement of the contexts concerned.

The association aims to: support the design of light according to eco-compatible criteria; to spread their ethical principles at every level and without borders; promote new standards for the market and production; provide cultural and operational tools to its members.

The association bases its roots on the subscription and sharing of all the members of the “Carta Etica della Luce”, whose fundamental points are the following: only professionals independent of those who produce energy and products from the world of lighting adhere to it; the designers carry out their lighting projects using only certified photometric data; promotes the fundamental criteria for lighting with high energy savings and without light pollution.

Architect Lorenza Golinelli and engineer Alberto Ricci Petitoni, respectively President and Vice President of I-DEA s.r.l., are among the founding members of LIGHT-IS.

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