The “design” term in the industrial manufacturing means the way to plan by conciliating technical, functional and economic requirement of the mass-produced objects: the result is a synthesis of this specific activity planning. When the shape of the object is developed independently from the real planning, design can be just styling design or town/city design with reference to other workability sectors and when studying a plan (generally due to an architect) it aims at giving order and shape to parts of cities, collective equipments and public parks.

Many different fields interact with industrial design:

  • Product Design
  • Space and Location Design
  • Communication Design

I-dea Company deals with design of the product together with spaces and locations and cooperate with consolidated and experienced partners concerning the communication design.

I-dea Company plans the formal and functional representation of several products, in particular illuminating bodies for interior and outdoor lighting realized with particularly attention to the use of materials and spaces within they will be installed, in order to correctly qualification (both for innovation and use functionality).

Design Projects