Engineer Alberto Ricci Petitoni

Engineer, partner founder of I-dea srl Company, now vice president since 2014. He was born in Imola where he is still living in and works as free lance professional since 1997.

He is a lighting design architect and works with light in every aspect, from the planning to the didactic work and the light design in public and private spaces.

He also deals with themes concerning the energy-saving and the planning of all the technical networks and additional services attached to road infrastructures.

He earned a Master in “Applied Lighting technique Exteriors under the application of the regional Law of Emilia Romagna 19/2003 and successive rule” organized by Cielo Buio, whose owners are landscape, planner and keeper architects of the city of Rimini, members of the Association of Engineers of the district of Modena, qualified industrial experts association of the district of Modena – Modena May and June 2006.

He also works as consultant for finding regional, national and European subsidies in particular for the energy-saving field.

He conducts important activities and census of lighting plants, works with and edits the planning of energy designs.

He is partner of APIL  Association (Lighting Professional Association).

He is partner of AIDI  Association (Lighting Italian Association).

Partner founder and vice president of the management LIGHT IS (Professional Eco-light Association): a professional association that uses its human and intellectual resources in order to follow cultural, educational, scientific and public utility purposes and promotes the expert in lighting as instrument to pursue ideals of an environmentally friendly and people oriented lighting.

He deals with themes concerning energy-saving and planning all the technological networks and the additional services attached to road infrastructures.

He represented I-dea Company in many conferences as a teacher and speaker.

He has experience of 20 years in lighting design.

Main works are:

Supervisor of many new lighting plants for public structures and energy re-qualification,network plants, infrastructures and traffic light plants such as: plans for energy re-qualification of the lighting plants of the Districts of Prato, Lecce, Venosa (Potenza), for 13 Districts of the Consortium BIM Taloro in Sardinia, Olbia, 9 Districts in Abruzzo that are part of the Paride Project, Pieve di Cento, Bentivoglio (Bologna) Gardone val Trompia (Brescia). Re-qualification of the architectural lighting of Matteotti Square in Imola and the project envisages a new road axis crossing the city from Imola north-south, Via della (road of ) Costituzione.

He has taken part in editing different lighting plans such us those in Poggio Rusco and for 13 Districts of the Consortium BIM Taloro in Sardinia.

He works as consultant and also by cooperating as advisor for announcements on global services in public lighting in support of local Institutions, even during the evaluation phases while editing reports about the estimate of the refund worth of the plants.