I-dea Company offers engineering services and consultation concerning environmental Screening and Environmental Effect Study (SIA) in order to identify the effect on location and environment when building or designing a project. This technique allows to consider if that specific project has been realized in the least impact way possible and to know the potential requirement of softening or balance works.

The analysis takes into consideration the following aspects:

  • the contextualization of the work within the urban planning framework and the relative current regulations (programmatic framework);
  • work analysis from the point of view both of its realization and its production (planning framework);
  • environmental context analysis where the work will be realized (environmental planning);
  • compatibility work evaluation with the following environmental systems: atmosphere, water, ground and subsoil, greenery, flora and fauna, view, noise and vibrations, ionising and non ionising radiations, social and economic activities and public health system.

Moreover, I-dea Company offers technical and administrative consultations during the evaluating the impact on the environment (VIA) in order to individuate, describe and evaluate all of the possible impacts on environment coming from the realization of a specific project. This service is turned to Companies, Institutions and Public and private Authorities. The evaluation process includes:

  • the execution of a subjection test (Screening), aimed to defined whether the project has to be subjected to further process of VIA or not,
  • the context definition of the Environmental Effect Study (Scoping),
  • the execution of the consultations,
  • the project evaluation about the analysis and the results of the above-mentioned consultations done by the competent authority that will firmly declare about the environmental impact of the project (VIA measures),
  • information concerning the decision and the supervision on the project .

Environment Projects