General and Functional Lighting

In the ‘50 the Lighting Technician and Designer Richard Kelly (1910 –1977) defined a fundamental subdivision of lighting:

  1. General Lighting – Light to see
  2. Functional Light – Light to watch
  3. Light to give bright accents – Light to observe

The general lighting defines environment and space. Light is soft, uniform and does not create shadows nor clear contrasts. Parking lots, roads and squares have this kind of lighting.

Thanks to functional lighting all the surfaces can be properly enlightened. The light focuses upon specific sectors and areas so that people pay close attention to streets, cross roads and pedestrian crossings.

I-dea Company designs public lighting plants through a very precise analysis of the general environmental conditions in order to guarantee the users of public areas good visibility conditions during darkness intervals, lack of blinding zones, traffic security as  expected by the rules of this field. Particular attention is given to the realization of low management costs plants through a cautious choice of the components, plants of electronic control devices with a very high technological content and high visual comfort.

General and Functional Lighting Projects