Interior design and Light

In a well-lighted space people feel at ease. The spatial dimension should be clear thanks to an alternation of lights and shadows, lack of blinding zones or total darkness.

A well designed lighting allows dark areas without loose its own effectiveness. Through the architectural lighting details can be underlined by following these basics.

The outdoor and indoor spaces can be structured thanks to bright zones that can shape space by creating a sort of tension in the interest of the observer. To design the lighting of any kind of space means to perform a creative act impossible to frame in a previous constituted framework. Light is so used by the interior design as a real material, a fundamental and essential part among other furniture parts both architectural and executive. Light gives life by interacting with surfaces, volumes and objects which reflect it and become “originated” sources. In consideration of this aspect, it comes the importance of defining every single detail that will compose a complete scene.

I-dea Company plans spaces, furnitures and light in interior spaces in a very integrated way and can be the ideal partner both for a complete and coordinated plan and as expert in planning interior lighting-technique

Interior design and Light Projects